Gear Review: Fjällräven’s Kaipak28

To start with: for me, handling a Fjällräven product is like holding a finely cut precious stone – its materials are luxurious, every aspect is crafted with the utmost care, and it will nearly last forever. I am a bit of a Fjällräven fan boy, that’s for sure.

The classy Kaipak28 focuses on old-fashioned comfort and durability rather than superfluous straps, functions and pockets. The padded back moulds naturally and comfortably to the torso while the slim design and compression straps take care that the weight is always pulled close to the body, stabilizing more heavy loads.

Made from tough G-1000 HeavyDutyEco material, it’s designed to withstand the elements, with the pockets protected by storm flaps and the main compartment by the lid.

Since I am using the Kaipak28 also as my Uni backpack, it is important that it can withstand rainy weather and the dirt which is splashing around, when I’m driving with my bike. Due to the impregnation with the Greenland wax, all my books stayed dry till now.

So for my applications the Kaipak28 really fulfills his purposes.

A rain cover, which is also included, is one of the few modern concessions, but for all its simple charm, it would be good to see some mod cons, like a hydration pouch and padded hip belt. The narrow hip strap unfortunately is a really strong argument against buying the Kaipak28, but nevertheless, I tested the Kaipak with more heavy loads and it does not really get uncomfortable over time on the shoulders due to the well designed shoulder straps. On the other side if you manage to put 10 kg in this backpack, it is fully stuffed, and that would be more weight then you would ever need on a one day tour.

So maybe the waist strap is not really needed and left out with the goal of saving some weight. For me the waist strap has more of a stabilizing function, than a weight distributing function. This hip strap can also be detached when you don’t use it!

The main compartment with a volume of 28 liters is spacious, top-loaded and has a snow lock at the top. The Kaipak also has a really big front pocket and the two little side pockets for water bottles etc. The top lid has two pockets and there are also fasteners for trekking poles.

One really nice additional feature of the Kaipak is, that it has an inbuilt emergency whistle on the breast strap.

In conclusion the Kaipak28 is a very nice and comfortable backpack for one day hikes in any weather conditions and also a fashionable backpack for the daily use. One disadvantage is maybe the price, I paid 159,99€. If you compare this to the flagship, the Kajka series, and the fact that it is still just a little single day backpack, the price is the only real hitch when you get closer to the decision of buying or not buying. But overall, it’s a very good backpack, and maybe the price is justifiable by it’s long expectation of life.

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